Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

Tips for Avoiding Road Rage Auto Care East

Road rage is all too common these days. From simple merging mistakes to speed and traffic, there’s no shortage of triggers out there, either. When we get worked up behind the week, a simple hand gesture or some name-calling can seem like a convenient way to vent our frustrations, however, this behavior can lead to a dangerous situation. When tempers flare behind the wheel, accidents and collisions can occur very easily. We thought we would share some tips on how to avoid losing your cool behind the wheel to help keep you a bit safer on the road.

Keep Calm and Carry On

As simple as it sounds, it can be quite difficult to let things go while driving. After all, that person who didn’t notice you in their blind spot before merging could have caused an accident, and that person driving slow in the left lane could be making you late for a meeting. It’s all too tempting to lay on the horn or give them a visual signal expressing how you feel. Some people even express their frustrations by speeding and tailgating. Instead of getting fired up about it, take a few relaxing breaths and maybe try to find some music on the radio that’s soothing to you. As much as we like to feel that we’re in control behind the wheel, we must accept the fact that some situations simply can’t be changed. Keeping calm in these situations can prevent retaliation, which can very quickly and easily turn into a dangerous situation for you and for other drivers.

Be Aware of Yourself and Others

As much as we hate to admit it to ourselves, we can sometimes be the source of others' rage. Try to be mindful of other drivers by checking your blind spots, using your turning signals, and using the left lane for passing only. By following the rules of the road and driving safely in the first place, we can often completely avoid situations that could lead to road rage or accidents.

What if You’re the Victim of Road Rage?

You can’t always count on other drivers to practice defensive driving techniques, nor can you count on them to remain levelheaded in a heated situation. We’ve all heard stories of drivers getting into car collisions, fights, or worse due to misunderstandings. If someone else on the road is driving in a manner that is putting you at risk by tailgating, threatening you with violence, etc., make sure you contact the authorities right away. Don’t engage them, don’t get out of your car, and don’t drive to your house. Drive to the nearest police station if you can.

Auto Accidents and Road Rage

A good deal of car accidents are either the result of road rage or the cause of it. Sometimes it’s the result of a road rage incident, and sometimes the accident triggers anger. Whatever the case may be, it’s still important to stay calm and call the police to get a full report.

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