Why Is My Car Acting Up After An Auto Accident, But There Is No Visible Damage?

If you were recently in an auto collision where there was no visible damage, you were probably relieved to find that none of the exterior surfaces of your car was dented or scratched. You may have thought you lucked out, but if you soon notice your car beginning to act out doing any of the following, then it's time to bring it into a collision center to have it checked out:

Jerking: If a vehicle starts jerking while you are driving it, this could mean that there is an issue with the engine. In order to determine whether it is due to a clogged fuel or filter line, a spark plug failure or a computer programming related issue, it will need to be inspected.

Decreased Battery Life: Sometimes after the impact of an auto collision sets in, a vehicle's battery may fail or decrease significantly because the energy was compromised. If this is the case, you may need a new battery.

Leaking: When a vehicle begins leaking all of a sudden, this could be due to a crack in your transmission. The source of the leak could be attributed to either the air conditioner or the power steering fluid. It's important that you get this issue resolved as soon as possible to prevent even bigger problems.

Headlight Aim Is Off: When a car is hit in the front or back, there is a chance that the aim of the light could get thrown off. This can cause you trouble when driving at night and also interfere with the accuracy of your backlights and blinkers.

Not Driving Straight: If your vehicle isn't driving straight, this is a good indication that your front end alignment is off. A vehicle's alignment is essential for it being able to steer in a straight line. Issues with this can result in uneven tire wear and steering wheel vibrations.

If you were recently in an accident, have your car inspected at a trusted auto collision center. We will be able to diagnose any mechanical issues and treat them early on so that they can be repaired and prevent further damage from happening.

What to do in case of an accident?

Remember to stay calm. If there are injuries, call 911 immediately. Please note, do not move your vehicle, unless it would be safer to move your car to a different location. Remember to get the name of the person(s) driving the other vehicle(s), including their phone number, driver's license, vehicle license and insurance information. Use your camera phone to take pictures of the scene, damage, and witnesses.

Do I have to use the Collision shop that the insurance companies tell me to use?

No, it is your choice where you would like to have your vehicle repaired.

Do I need three estimates?

No. According to New York State law, our only obligation is to choose the shop of your choice, and inform the insurance company where the vehicle is going to be repaired.

When you've been in an accident, there's only one place in town that you should go, Auto Care East. With the most expertly trained professionals, why choose anyone else? Contact us today!