Matching Auto Body Paint Colors

Matching Auto Body Paint Colors Auto Care East

Tips on Finding the Correct Paint Color

Face it, if you park your car anywhere in New York City, there's always a looming chance that you will end up with a ding or scratch. From parallel parking to parking garage mishaps, chances are that at some point, a scratch is just going to happen. The good news is that fixing scratches and dings in your vehicle's paint often isn't as expensive as you may think. The handier among us may even find it quick and easy to perform paint touchups themselves. Whether you intend to take your vehicle into an auto body shop, or you're considering giving it a go yourself, it's important to find an exact match for your vehicle's paint color. This may seem daunting, but it's quite quick and easy, and there are multiple ways to acquire this information.

What's In a Name?

You may find yourself in a position where you know for a fact that your car was painted in a color called "Classic White". But if you perform a quick internet search for "Classic White Car Paint", you'll notice that the tones and hues of "Classic White" vary greatly from company to company. Some are pearly white with undertones of blue, some have more of a grey undertone, and some are more of a cream color. Going off paint name alone is a great way to take your vehicle from scratchy to spotty.

Know Your Auto Paint Code

The easiest way to match your vehicle's paint is to locate the vehicle paint code. The location of the paint code varies from vehicle to vehicle, but your owner's manual should tell you exactly where to find it. If you're still unable to locate your vehicle's paint code, any auto body paint shop should be able to help you locate it. If for some reason your vehicle's paint code is missing, your dealer should be able to supply you with the code based on your VIN. Once you're armed with your paint code, you should be ready to visit an auto body paint store or auto body shop with the confidence that your car's scratches and dings will be covered flawlessly.

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