Matching Auto Body Paint Colors

Tips on Finding the Correct Paint Color Face it, if you park your car anywhere in New York City, there’s always a looming chance that you will end up with a ding or scratch. From parallel parking to parking garage mishaps, chances are that at some point, a scratch is just going to happen. The good news is that fixing scratches and dings in your vehicle's paint often isn’t as expensive as you...
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Winter Driving

Tips for Winter Driving Winter is upon us, and that means that driving conditions may be less than desirable at times. Collisions, accidents, and skidding off the road are common issues that most of us have to deal with at some point. Yet, these can be avoidable headaches. Make sure you are fully prepared for driving when the winter weather hits with our tips & tricks. From car preparation...
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Auto Care East Blog

Keep up to date on the latest in all things car related. From driving tips to car care, we strive to bring you information on a variety of car-related topics. Browse through our various posts, articles & links to learn more about how to become a better driver, better car owner, or to find interesting car-related facts. If you find a post to be particularly interesting, please feel free to...
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